Copyright © Joshua Freddie Vaughan

I am currently exploring new-age cults that fuse religion and science into narratives for a post-fact world in which, as Nietzsche foretold, “God is dead, and we have killed him”. 

As our reality moves closer to the science fictional ones that inspired me as a child, certain influences bare great relevance to my work: the uncertain realities of Phillip K.Dick, the activities of Scientologists, the creep of Scientism (and its twin, Populism).

In keeping with a notion of broken realities in Dick’s and others’ writing, I’ve been researching “The Cult of Tanukai” ; an unverifiable cult who claim god has arisen on Mars. (I would be grateful for anyone who has any information about this cult to contact me)

As such, my visual language speaks of a modern spirituality, born of a strange union of the empirical and unprovable, taking the form of lectern-altarpiece hybrids, totemic piles and other sculptural curios, using industrial materials, birch plywood, mundane hardware-shop fittings, varieties of fixing tape, and various metals.

Weaving narrative frivolity, an awareness of materiality, and a degree of randomness, I am gleefully pursuing the death of the meta-narrative down the rabbit warren of incoherence and uncertainty.